Monday, January 12, 2015

Finally a normal week! For the most part.

Hola family! Just another hot week here in Caucete, but finally the holiday chaos is over! We had a really good week. Since there weren't so many holidays, we were actually able to teach a lot! Oh, and I did get some mail finally! I didn't get all of it unfortunately though. I got the calendar from grandma and the christmas card from Dave and Melissa! But no sweat rag. I was really happy to see how many times I was in the calendar though! With Hailey! And Elder Stocks was really happy to see that he made it in the calendar too. Haha. I think he has 2 pictures of him, one of them with only a tiny part of his face though. And I LOLd a few times in Melissa's letter. I enjoyed hearing that she had to explain to them what a butt hole and a bedet was! And also the card from Eddie was pretty great. So thank you Grandma and Aunt Melissa! Oh, and also please wish Grandpa Sherm a speedy recovery as well from me!

So yeah, we had a pretty normal week. Finally we were able to get some lessons, and we got about 7 with members! Our goal for the stake is like 10 every week, so we've got a ways to go, but finally we made some progress. And we didn't have holidays this week, but we were busy with other things! We had zone meeting and also interviews with the president for example, so we had to travel down to San Juan a couple times this week. Those took a pretty good chunk out of the day, but they were good! I really enjoyed the interview with President Goates, and in zone meeting we learned a lot. We talked about sacrifice and made a goal as a zone for everyone to sacrifice one thing in our lives that's impeding us in our progress as a missionary, and if we do that we'll receive many blessings. I'm still thinking of what I'm going to sacrifice, but I think it will be good. Also we have some new changes in the zone! All the missionaries in San Juan have a new daily schedule, due to the heat mostly. If our areas are pretty safe, we have permission to sleep one hour in the ciesta and then work one hour later at night! It's pretty nice! I'm already enjoying it at least. It's only for our zone though, and only for the summer. 

Really that's about it for this week. Nothing really too specific, but it was good. I'll see ya'll next week!

Elder Bingham

Me and Elder Stocks went by a dinosaur museum last week!
We didn't go in unfortunately because we had to get back to Caucete, but there ya go.

So I'm having pretty big shoe problems already. I should've told you guys sooner, but my shoes are in pretty bad condition already. Or at least, for some reason only my right shoes. I'll send pics, but I did buy a new pair already today. If you've got any suggestions as to what I should do about this, let me know!

This shoe's really bad. Somehow my shoe insert didn't prevent this from happening,
 but I'm probably going to chuck these ones soon. 
This is my other pair of shoes. 
A lot better to walk on, but still wearing pretty badly. 
Another view of the 1st shoe

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