Monday, January 19, 2015

Crazy lightning storms and stuff

Hola familia! How's it going? Sorry to hear that it was slightly a slightly downer of a week. Kyla, I hope that ankle gets feeling better. Ankle injuries are like the worst in the world. I know from experience. I'm glad to hear Grandpa is home from the hospital, and I hope he gets feeling better too. And haha hopefully Jayson you can get that grade fixed! Of course mom told me about that.... Haha. 

We had a good week here! I basically started off the week going on an intercambio with our District leader Elder Castro. And funny story! Elder Castro knows Lauren from the MTC! He saw a picture of her on my calendar and recognized her. I'm not sure if Lauren will remember him, but I am sending a picture of the both us so Lauren can confirm. I'll be honest though, I was a little worried for this intercambio. It was the first time I basically had to lead the area. And also my first sort-of Latino companion. Elder Castro came to our area and Elder Stocks left, so I had to be in charge of knowing where to go and stuff. Luckily Elder Castro used to be in Caucete for like 3 transfers, so he knew the area a little bit too. But the extra responsibility was good I think. It helped me talk a little more to people and also I got experience in leading lessons and stuff. So it was good! And I had to teach English class by myself too, which was fun. I surprisingly did a lot better than I thought I would. But yeah! That was fun!

Referring to the subject of this email, we had a SUPER COOL storm on like Thursday or Friday or something. For some reason here whenever there's lots of clouds at night time you can see the lightning like lighting up the clouds like every few seconds! And then it got really windy (and I mean REALLY windy, like knocking branches off of trees kind of windy), and really rainy, and it knocked out our electricity for a while so we didn't have AC or light when we got the pension that night, but luckily me and Elder Stocks avoided the rain. Elder Nelson and Johnston got soaked. Haha. So that was cool. And I've got cool photos!

We've got these really great investigators right now! Their names are Nelson and Luciana, and they've got 2 kids, but aren't married. That part's a bummer. But we've had a couple really great lessons with them this week! We actually met them a while ago doing a tour of the church, but this week we were finally able to teach them. We taught the Restoration to them this week, and it was a super good lesson. Probably the best lesson I've ever been able to teach. They seem really committed, and they're even pretty easy to contact! They don't work quite as much as other people and they have a cell phone, so wahoo! But I really hope this family will prove to be golden! They've been very receptive to the message and very willing to read and pray and come to church and stuff. They unfortunately didn't make it this week, but whatever. So pray for this family! And that we can help them! They're super great!

That's all for this week! Pics to come! And love you all!
Elder Bingham

Me and Elder Castro! See if Lauren recognizes him!

The lightning like lit up the whole sky! 
And kind of the ground too, it kind of looks like day time. So that's cool!

Haha Elder Johnston and Elder Nelson got soaked!

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