Monday, December 29, 2014

Didn't I just talk to all you guys?

Hey ya'll! I could've sworn I just talked to you guys... That was so awesome though! It was weird being on the other end of the call though, like Amaya said. And our call was actually a lot better than the other Elders' in our pension. I thought our connection was great, even if you guys didn't. They had problems understanding each other at all. Elder Stocks and Elder Johnson even had to just make a call instead of a video call because the connection was so bad. So I was pretty lucky! 

I'm still having a hard time believing that my younger siblings got iPhones for Christmas too. That's a little crazy. But I really didn't get to hear what everyone got besides those and that helicopter thing and a robot vacuum! So tell me! Especially my younger siblings who I haven't heard from in 8ish weeks, besides from skype, but that doesn't count. And also I want video proof of this robot vacuum thing. It sounds awesome! 

So this week is probably going to turn out to be the same as last week for the most part. As far as New Years goes. We don't have a mission New Years party, unfortunately, but we are pretty much locked in our pension for the afternoon on Wednesday and all of Thursday. Apparently New Years can be even MORE dangerous than Christmas. So we'll probably just play Magic the Gathering again or UNO or something. Who knows?

It was a good week besides being locked in the pension though. The days that we weren't we actually had a lot of success! Mainly with less-actives this week, but with our new key indicators that we have it feels like there's a new emphasis on them! Because they really are just as important as baptisms! We taught something like 11 less-active lessons this week. One in particular to this guy named César. He's this super awesome less-active returned missionary who even speaks a little English! I'm not exactly sure the reasons why he's less-active right now, other than that he works a lot (because I still can't understand spanish), but our main focus with him has just been to get him to remember his time as a missionary and the testimony he had. We really believe we can start getting him back to church. We've had a couple really good lesson with him and it sounds like he wants to come back. We're such good friends with him already that he invited us to play this kind of racket sport they have down here with him for his birthday this morning! But unfortunately his sisters kidnapped him or something so that kind of fell through. But pray for him and pray that we can help him! Cause his returned missionary skills are super needed in this ward!

That's about it for this week! It was great to hear from you guys!

Elder Bingham
GIANT HAMBURGER! For only 40 pesos! That's like 4 bucks! I enjoyed it very much. 

I like this picture of me with the hamburger more, but the other one I sent you shows more of the magnitude of the burger. So I thought I'd send both. 

Family pics! I got to meet all my brothers at the Christmas party. I'm Elder Stock's third son. 
Elder Moita is the oldest, (and the shortest) and then Elder Moody, and then me!

Parrot! His name is Lorenzo! Now me and Amaya are twinners! Sorry that that was the best lighting I got! 

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