Monday, December 15, 2014

Done with my first transfer already?

Hola familia! Just another great week for me. It's crazy that I´m already done with my first transfer! Time here seemed to fly way faster than it did in the MTC. And it´s also crazy that Amaya´s like going home this week! I'm only going to get one more letter from you from the mission Amaya, so make it good! I'm sad I missed out on the Angel tree thing this year, I'm only now realizing how cool it was. I'm glad you guys were able to spread some Christmas cheer! And you can spread some more with that "He is the Gift" video Amaya mentioned! We are also working hard on using that in our proselyting efforts, except here it´s called "Él es la Dádiva." And the funny thing is that nobody uses the word Dádiva down here, so we have to explain that it´s actually a "regalo." But share that video on Facebook and stuff if you haven´t already! 

To answer your questions again Mom: The language is coming along much better. When I think about it, the first day I couldn´t understand a word of what people were saying, but now I can usually get the gist of the conversation. Most of the time I still don´t know how to reply, but there has been a dramatic improvement. Thank you, don de lenguas. 

Also, teaching is still going pretty good down here. The problem that actually kind of bugs me a little bit is that we don´t have problems finding people to teach. People are always like "Yeah, come on by sometime! No hay problema!" But it´s just so hard to get more than a few lessons with people! Even some of our best investigators that we probably found in week 2 or 3 of this transfer we can´t see more than like once a week, if that. We try to communicate with people, but people either don´t have cell phones or they don´t use them when they do! So that´s frustrating.

I can´t really think of very many specific teaching experiences this week, just that we focused really hard on getting lessons with members. We had some success with that. Whenever we go out to this place called Las Viñas there's this member that lives there named Ramón. He just barely ended his time as a recent convert unfortunately, so we can´t count lessons with him as recent convert lessons, but he helps us so much! He has such a strong testimony, and he helps us find so many people to teach out there, and he goes with us to lessons, and he sets up Noche de Hogars (Family Home Evening) like every week for us and invites nonmembers to them. So we get so many lessons with him, and they´re so much more powerful when he shares his testimony. I think we got like 5 member lessons with just him this week, and we had like 7 total. And we got references from him too, which turned out to be very good contacts. 

I haven't received any of the snail mail yet.... We only get mail at zone meetings or zone conferences, which are like once a month. And we just had ours last week. So I have no idea when it´ll get here. 

I think that's all for this week though! I guess just pray that we´ll be able to get more lessons with the good investigators that we have right now. It'd be much appreciated! Cíao!

Elder Bingham
I decided we need a picture with this dog! We named it Gruff, and it´s like the most annoying, smelliest dog ever. But it like lives at the church, and every time we pass by or try to get in the church it tries to like jump on us and stuff. And we had to use a timer to take the picture, so that´s why it´s off center. And I definitely washed my hands after. 

Servicio! We helped build a house on Saturday, and got pretty sunburned! It was fun.

Here's a christmas card kind of pic! Elder Stock's mom wanted one, and his camera is broken. So there's just a nice looking picture of the two of us in Argentina. 

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