Monday, December 8, 2014

It's not even close to looking or feeling like Christmas here

Hola people! And happy birthday dad! I figured I´d rather tell you that the day after your birthday than last week. I hope it was great. I probably need to see these bald guy hats you were talking about. And also, about the whole grandpa thing at work, it'd be really weird if you actually were if you were before I got back. (hint hint Amaya ;) ) Kyla, sweet gymnastics routine! I´m glad to hear you´re improving your scores so much! And ahh... the Mr. Bills Festival. Sounded like a blast. I'm just glad I didn't have to be in it this year. Haha. 

Another good week in the hottest place I've ever lived in! Haha. I think it´s definitely getting hotter. We had some people tell us that it was probably 43 degrees celsius some days this week, so those days were FUN. Mom, those leather wipe things actually sound very useful. I am constantly wiping off my forehead with my hand, it it´s not very effective. It´s weird that Christmas is in just a few weeks and it´s like summer here. On the bright side, no knee problems this week! Hopefully I don´t feel that ever again. 

I had my first zone conference this week! That was fun. President Goates really emphasized obedience and working with the members. So me and Elder Stocks have tried really hard this week to get the members down here to find people to teach and invite them to be taught at their house and stuff. This week was a little difficult to that unfortunately, we had lots of appointments fall through. But the members are still working very hard with us. So hopefully next week I´ll have a little more to report on that. 

Haha on a side note, I´m noticing that I´m eating much more down here than I did in the States. I think all the walking/morning exercise helps. For example: at zone conference I ate about 2 chicken breasts and legs, 2 servings of "salad" (which is pretty much really salty lettuce and tomatoes) 4 giant rolls, 4 apples and dessert! Haha I hope I don´t get fat down here. 

That´s it for this week! I think we probably have found a member to skype with, but more details still to come once I get it figured out!

Elder Bingham
This picture´s a little old, but I didn't really have any others this week. 

I found America! Or Walmart! 
Too bad it´s not really in our area, we just ended up there on P-day last week.

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