Monday, December 1, 2014

It was slightly less hot this week!

Hola familia! Sounds like ya'll are doing well! Thanksgiving sounded fun! I definitely miss being over with all the family for Thanksgiving. It wasn't quite the same here. Haha we did have our own Thanksgiving though. I´ll tell more about that later. Amaya, how did you blow your driving privileges 3 weeks before the end of you mission? Haha just kidding, I´m glad it wasn't anything too serious. Mom, I opened up your first present today and THANK YOU! I really enjoyed that. I´m hoping I´ll be able to find time to practice some of those songs sometime soon. And I was glad you sent All of Me too, because it´s been a little bit of a struggle trying to remember how that goes. 

So I was being totally serious when I said it was slightly less hot this week. Probably because I wasn't in my area for a lot of this week. Tuesday I went on my first intercambio! I went with Elder Breinholt to this area called Benavidez. It´s super ghetto compared to Caucete, and it was still slightly hot there, I was only really there for the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. But it was fun! I learned that not every missionary does things exactly the same, which I was glad for. There´s definitely different ways you can teach lessons and stuff like that. And Elder Breinholt´s a pretty cool guy. 

And Thursday was Thanksgiving! Our whole district got together in Caucete and had a "district weekly planning session." We did plan of course, but then after that we had Thanksgiving. We bought like 3 grilled chickens from some of the places that sell asado, and then we had some mashed potatoes, a carrot cake, and apple pie, and some cookies! It was pretty good for what we can get here. Unfortunately, me and Elder Lujan from my district had to leave early to Mendoza, because we had to work on VISA stuff in the morning. So another intercambio, with a latino! It was fun though. Plus I got to see Elder Clarke in Mendoza. And it was way less hot in Mendoza. 

My knee has felt slightly better this week. It´s only bothered me a couple times, and I´m doing what I can to strengthen it. And I am wearing my shoe inserts. 

As far as emailing goes, I would rather have the email than the Dear Elder thing. I have no idea how long that could take. And I do get to Skype for Christmas! More details to come, because I don´t really know all the details yet. I just know that President Goates emailed today and told us we could skype. 

That´s really all for this week! Since I was gone so much I didn't get to teach a whole lot of lessons to the investigators in our area, but they´re doing well. Oh and ALSO me and Elder Stocks are teaching an English class right now. So that´s fun. 

That´s it for this week! Love you all!

Elder Bingham
Intercambios with Elder Breinholt!

Thanksgiving! I wasn´t really ready for the picture.

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