Monday, June 6, 2016

Well...Intercom-bombs and stuff.

Well hi everyone! Happy summer and stuff!

We had a better week this week! We didn't even get locked out of our pensh! Hooray! That was probably the best part in my opinion. 

Well, on tuesday we had intercambios. We didn't actually bomb intercoms, but we just call it that sometimes. Don't worry. Anyway, those were fun. Me and Elder Vejar both vented to each other about the weird things about our comps. That was fun. And we actually taught! Unlike last week. And my comp did really well in his intercambio as well. They abirired la boca (opened the mouth) with so many people that they ended their intercambio with a full page of future investigators. That was awesome. I was proud of him. They were good intercambios. 

On Wednesday we had a nice miracle! We found a new family! Better said they're a new family of members in our ward, but nobody knows them because they moved here a year ago from Chile and they're inactive. It's the grandpa Alberto, his son Diego, and his grandson Yasir. And the best part? Yasir isn't baptized! (That sounds terrible) What I mean to say is that it's really awesome because we have a new investigator! And Yasir is way awesome. He's 12 years old and he was reading the Book of Mormon before we even got there. And Alberto and Diego want to reactivate. We're pretty excited for them. 

On Friday we had zone conference, my last one! Wut? It was pretty awesome. Everything was basically just focused on finding new investigators and baptizing more, the two things that our mission really struggles at supposedly. It's true in my area at least. It was really helpful. I'm excited to start applying the things we learned in our area this week. We didn't really get the chance after Friday because on Saturday and Sunday we had sessions of stake conference. But, those were also great, and they made me really excited to go to the temple when I get home. The President of the Cordoba temple came and talked a lot about that and it made me want to go really bad. 

Anyway, that's about it. I'm working on buying souveneirs for everyone... Among the things I'm buying I think I'm going to have to get new shoes again... I bought the ones I have right now for real cheap, and they were in fact real cheap. They're destroyed. And with how much it's been raining here recently, my feet never get dry. Every night I put my shoes in front of our electric heater. It's awful. So I'll probably be getting new ones this week, and ones that I can wear home. yay. 

And I'm excited for class registration! Yay! I don't really have any other suggestions Dad, so those classes are fine. 

That's about it though. Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Bingham

I wanted to wear something other than a sweater today. But I didn't. 
Selfie with way too many missionaries.

Go cougars! We will all be at BYU. And many of them will be my roomates.

Zone Conference selfie!

 Fun with Pringles 

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Some of the swag I bought last week.

Check out my new belt that I found :D

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