Monday, June 20, 2016

Well... I guess I got a change

Well hey guys! How's everybody?

Well, as I commented last week, I was still having a rough time with Elder Huaman. Fortunately, this week went a little bit better, I think it was thanks to a lot of prayer and fasting. It was a little bit easier to communicate with him this week, and we didn't have as hard of a time teaching, which was basically my biggest struggle. So, that was nice. 

Continuing. Well, I think I might have commented as well that this week is transfer week. And... It was a very interesting transfer. I thought for sure I was leaving Sarmiento, for the time I have in the area and for the time I have left. Well, that was the exact opposite of what happened. Of course. I'm staying here. At least there's changes though. Elder Huaman's leaving, and he's off to my birth-area, Caucete in San Juan. That's cool for him. I liked that area a lot. So I'm getting a new comp! His name is Elder Yugar. He's a little bit new, he's from Salta Argentina I think. (I wonder if Lauren ever met this guy... She served in Salta right?) But... Let's just say this: I'm not really sure if this is a good change? I've heard things about this Elder... And I hate saying that because I don't want to go into a transfer with bad expectations. But that's how I feel right now. And frankly, that's how it actually is. I got a call from President Goates this morning. He was calling me to brief me about this transfer. He told me that Elder Yugar, well, he's basically just really childish. He had an accident when he was a kid or something, and he's just been kind of immature ever since then. President's words. He can get super nervous when he's talking to people sometimes, and he just won't talk or he'll freak out. Yikes. So... This should be interesting. 

The comforting part though is that President told me he's putting Elder Yugar with me because he trusts me a lot. He said he needed someone "really mature" to help this Elder out, and to kind of see if he's fit to be here in the mission field. He's putting a lot of responsibility and trust on me. It's comforting to know that. At the same time though I feel like it would probably more comforting to not have so much responsibility. Haha. I suppose that's not what the Lord wants from me though. 

So... I was kind of hoping for a break this transfer. It looks like that might not happen. 

This kind of reminds me of one of Amaya's letters from her mission! If I remember correctly almost this same exact thing happened to her. 

Anyway, I love you all lots. Pray for me this week! I hope it all goes well. 

Elder Bingham

- Four generations of financial secretaries... solo and with President Goates

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