Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Everything looked way great! Especially all those 19 pies... I miss those good old Bingham Thanksgivings. Please write down all of the best ones so we can make them next Thanksgiving. Glad everyone had fun in California as well. I think I'd be down for going to Star Wars land some day in my life. 

I actually haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet... It's kind of difficult to actually do it on a Thursday when you're a missionary. So we're doing it tomorrow, when we usually have dinner with the Warners. I'm pretty dang excited... It should be pretty big. We've got all 9 of us office elders, the Warners, and 4 of the nearby Hermanas coming. I'm going to be attempting to make 2 peanut butter pies, because my bottle of Jif peanut butter that Mom sent me should be exactly enough to make 2. So... Might as well right? Anyway, should be pretty good. The Warners are even going to get turkey, which is like the most expensive kind of meat there is down here besides fish. I'm going to love this holiday season in the office. 

So... This week was pretty great! We were pretty busy this week. It was just the usual kind of work we get, nothing too exciting, but it kept us pretty busy this week. I taught Elder Oveson stuff, we went to the bank and took out a lot of money to pay for things, starting to make our rent payments, blah... Yep. The usual. Elder Oveson's doing way well though... He's learning everything I teach him without a problem. I'll be pretty useless here in a week or two. I really tested him this week though... I had to make a trip to San Luis again with Elder Romero and Elder Benedict. That meant I left Elder Oveson by himself for a day to do work. And he managed just fine! I had to go up to San Luis to make some giant payments for some apartments we were opening up/closing. Elder Benedict had to go to do some legality work again. It was a way fun trip again. I fear I won't have many more of them though.

I'll actually be a real missionary again here soon though, so it's ok :) It's just sad I probably won't be with Elder Benedict and Romero anymore. We're like best friends here... I'll just tell you now that you will probably be seeing Elder Benedict and Romero after the mission. We'll get Elder Romero up here from El Salvador somehow. :D 

Interesting thing I've learned here especially this week, but it's been something I've been learning the whole time I've been in the offices. Sometimes, when you've got a lot of work to do, you make decisions, sometimes poorly, but you make them. And when you make poor decisions, or decisions that the Lord wouldn't want you to make, things don't always end up very well. But when we're obedient, and do his work in the exact way he wants us to, then things will always end up ok! Cause he knows exactly what needs to be done to get his work done. So just follow his lead. :D

Well, I'm going to get off now, cause I've got to go buy stuff to make pies! And I think the grocery store closes here soon, so I'm going to scramble. Happy week!

Elder Bingham

San Luis trip again! 

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful for money. Oh, and my hijo.

We spent Thanksgiving lunch at Burger King. Dope.

Doing work. 

So... We found out the other day that Elder Hollis is an EXTREMELY deep sleeper. One minute I saw him talking to us downstairs, the next minute I saw him sitting like this on his bed sleeping. Like literally... 10-15 minutes. And after much doing funny things with him he woke up screaming at Elder Benedict, who was suddenly right next to him as soon as he woke up. And then 5 minutes later he was back to sleep, just as hard. And he didn't remember anything the next morning. It was HILARIOUS. 

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