Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mi Hijo! And a visit from a General Authority. Dope.

Hello everyone! Happy Fall Break! Sounds like you're having fun at Disneyland. I'm jealous pero mal. Congrats to Jayson on the Sadie's date and also the ACT... Killing it over there. I'm glad to hear everyone's doing well. 

So... This week was hectic. It really started on Saturday night, as soon as we got transfers. Transfers were really WEIRD this transfer, I thought. First of all, I've got an hijo in the office! His name is Elder Oveson, from West Valley City, Utah. He's got two transfers less than me in the mission, he's super cool, and he's learning his job really well already. I'm teaching him how to do reimbursements and make checks and stuff, and he's handling it really well. Elder Benedict also has an hijo, his name is Elder Ruesch. He's got the same amount of time as Elder Benedict on the mission, which is weird, because that means Elder Ruesch will leave the office with only two transfers left in his mission. It's sort of weird, but it's fine I suppose. Elder Romero also has an hijo, which is the WEIRDEST one. Get this: Elder Romero's hijo is his DAD. Or his trainer, I guess you could say. His name is Elder Yalta, from Perú. He's got the same amount of time as Elder Benedict and Ruesch, but he just came from being zone leader to the office, and plus he's ROMERO'S dad. Also Elder Solomon finally left the office... Sadly. He's replaced by Elder Hollis, the tall skinny guy with brown hair that might be in some of my recent photos. I'm actually in a trio right now with him and Elder Oveson. It's kind of sad I'm not comps with either Romero or Benedict anymore, cause they're like my best friends in the mission, and I was comps with both, but it's my time to get out of here I suppose. It'll be fun. 

So... The craziness started Monday night. All the missionaries from all the far away zones came to Mendoza in buses and we had to rent hotels for them. We had to put the Hermanas in one hotel, and the Elders in another, from BOTH faraway zones. It was chaos... I was speeding (but not really) all over Mendoza Centro making sure all the missionaries got to their hotels with all their baggage. Cause we decided to do transfers on the same day as the meeting with the Genral Authority, meaning all transfers were going to happen after the meeting. I was literally outside of the office until 11:30, and when we came back we had to make sure all the missionaries going home had their documents and things they needed, which kept us in the office until 12:30, and then we made it home. It was CHAOTIC. 

The next day went well though. I prayed really hard that everything would, and God answered my prayer. It was still SUPER stressful, but it went well. We made sure everyone got to the airport and the stake center where the meeting was that morning, and then we had a DOPE meeting with Elder Teixeira from the Area Presidency and President Soares of the Presidency of the Seventy. Elder Soares basically talked to all of us about making goals and how we can actually accomplish them. Our mission has kind of struggled with acheiving our weekly goals, but he taught us well how we can actually accomplish them. I loved it... I'm trying to do my weekly planning here better in the office now as a result, because I don't really plan much here. We just kind of deal with whatever gets thrown at us during the day usually. Anyway though, it was awesome. I was also invited to sing a special musical number at the beginning of the meeting with some other missionaries. We sang a medley of "Be Still my Soul" and "Savior Redeemer of My Soul," translated into Spanish by some brilliant Hermanas, accompanied by the violin and piano by some other super brilliant Hermanas, all thrown together in less than 24 hours. I also basically made up the bass part by myself, cause it was needed, and the Hermanas didn't know how to. So I did, and it was awesome.

Also... The day later we got to watch an Area Broadcast to all the leaders in Argentina, presided by Elder Cook with Elder Soares and the Area Presidency attending. It was also very awesome... It basically focused on doing ward councils and how we should do them, with some cool plans that the Area is making for everyone in Argentina. Elder Cook bore a really powerful testimony at the end that was incredible.  

So... A pretty good week all in all. This week I'm going to just keep focusing on teaching Elder Oveson everything I know. He's a capo. He'll do well. I'm ready to go kick butt in the field again. But I'm checking out now... Have a great week everyone! 😁

So... I got attacked by a tiger last Saturday. It suddenly appeared in the middle of our soccer game and it made me mad so I had to fight it. It got swipe at my face, breaking my glasses, giving me a black eye, and giving me a nice scrape, but in the end I killed it. Actually that's all a lie... I just got hit in the face with a soccer ball. The broken glasses scraped my face. But, I fixed the glasses! Argentines have pretty amazing super glue.

Last pic with my office staff... Elder Solomon left this week.

I payed for a carwash for Jesucristo.... Pretty cool. I guess the guy didn't know how to write my name that he saw on my plaque, so he just wrote Jesus instead.

Just lining up for the photo with Elder Soares and Teixeira!

Photo with Elder Soares! I'm on the stage in the middle. 

Family Home Evening in my new ward! President transferred me from my ward in Godoy Cruz to be with my two new comps, Elder Oveson and Elder Hollis. It's called Trapiche! We share the ward with these Hermanas and the Warners. It's pretty awesome. There's Elder Hollis on the left, and Elder Oveson in the middle.

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