Saturday, October 31, 2015


Hello everyone! And Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday to Kyla! WAHOO! I'm basically a week late at this point, but I hope you had a happy birthday all the same. I can't believe this is your second birthday during my mission.... And now you're going to be learning how to drive! WUT? Don't die. No pressure.

Sorry in advance, but I'm keeping this letter VERY short this week. Cause guess what? I might be going to the tallest mountain on the American continent today... The Aconcagua! Sorry... The correct term would be American continents... Latins think North and South America are one continent. They're totally wrong. Anyway, hopefully we can make it there with all the potential snow that might be up there. But, that's what I'm doing for P-day today. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave a lot of time for writing letters and stuff. It's okay though, cause not a lot happened this week. So instead, when I get back really late at like 5 o'clock or whatever I'll just send the millions of photos I'm going to take! Cause I'm not going to feel like writing letters then either....

So anyway. I'm about done... It was a great week though. Just so you all know. Nice and busy, just how I like it. I'll try and tell you stuff when I get back this afternoon... If I remember. 

Love you all!


Elder Bingham

This is the little bus/van thing we took up there... It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from our office more or less. It was way fun. 

Just some photos from my window driving through the Andes Mountains... The pictures don't do it justice, especially because they were taken through a window, but it's gorgeous.

We made it! Unfortunately it was kind of cloudy today, so we couldn't see the summit (although I'm not sure we would have anyway). But we did walk up the path a little bit and play in the snow!

Oh and by the way I was actually a cow for Halloween... Not a missionary :)

Being Tom Cruise on Aconcagua.... With a cow shirt. I guess.

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