Monday, August 8, 2016

Still going strong

Well hey everybody! 

I'm glad everyone had a great week. Congratulations to Lauren and Nate! Hey! You should ask Lauren if she wants me to bring her something Argentine... Like mate! I figure she's probably missing things from Argentina. 

Well, week 1 of the transfer went surprisingly well. Elder Correa's really great, and he's actually being better than usual supposedly. I have no idea why, but I've for sure been blessed. We're still working really hard, and we're going to have a baptism this week! I think the change in area might have helped him... I think his biggest problem (from what President told me) is that he spent a lot of unneccessary time in people's houses in his last area because he was really good friends with them. Well now he doesn't know anybody super well, so I'm just taking him to all the important places that we need to go to, and we don't waste time in people's houses. So yeah! There's a few other things I'm getting used to about him, but we get along great, and he's been behaving himself well. He's kind of at the point in his mission where he doesn't really care about lots of the rules because he's almost home, but I've kept it in line well I think. I've got to pick my battles as well, but I'm just hoping we can keep progressing from here. So, things are going well here. 

I honestly don't know what else to say, just that I'm really excited that I'm ending the misison with another baptism. Yassir came to church for the 3rd time this week, and he's so ready! We've got to teach one more lesson, have a baptismal interview, and he's ready! I'm so excited. We're working in reactivating his uncle and grandpa still, but they're really close as well. We're really excited here!

My goal for now is to keep going strong with Elder Correa, and to endure to the end. I want to leave this area in good shape for the new missionaries that come next transfer. Since we're both finishing this transfer, there will be 2 new missionaries next transfer. I want to leave them with lots of investigators to work with. It's been difficult recently to find new investigators, and we dropped quite a few last transfer as well. And we're going to baptize one this transfer. So... If we don't find new investigators before I leave, there won't be a lot for them to do. So I hope to have some more success with that this week.

Well, that's about it! Have a great week everyone!

Elder Bingham

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