Monday, August 15, 2016

A bit of a poopy week

Hi everyone! 

I'm glad to hear everyone had a good week. That's a bit weird that the ward boundaries changed! Oh well. I probably won't be living there. 

You know... Our week wasn't too bad! It was just a little poopy. Literally. 

So... Everything was going about normal until about Thursday. Then Elder Correa woke up with a lot of stomach pains, and a lot of diarrea. A LOT. That's why I said this week was a poopy week. Anyway, he was really really REALLY sick. So that meant we couldn't leave the pensh from Thursday through Sunday. So... That sucked! I've never been so long in the pensh. But, at the same time I learned lots of things, like how to care for sick people,how to serve my companion better... I had lots of time to catch up on my journal and the My Plan thing that all the dying missionaries have to do... It was good. I guess. You've got to count your blessings...

And we ALMOST had a baptism this week. Yassir was really close! He had his baptismal interview on Thursday, but unfortunately he didn't pass the interview. It came up that he actually still hadn't prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and stuff, and he also still wasn't really sure why he was being baptized again if he had already been baptized. He wants to be baptized! But he wasn't so sure on that part. We thought we had explained those things pretty good... But apparently not. So we're going to postpone the baptism... And we hope to still be able to baptize him this saturday! I believe that if he does his part and prays to know... Then we'll have another baptism before I leave. Pray for him!

So... This is my last full week as a missionary. We plan on kicking butt this week. I hope nobody gets sick this week. 

I don't have much else to say... Except SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEK! That's never felt so real. 

Elder Bingham

Elder Correa sick in bed

Selfies with people and old comps that died this last transfer

My last zone....

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