Monday, July 4, 2016

I'm getting old

Well hi guys! 

Not a bad week here. I'm still doing great with Elder Yugar, no problems there. We had a pretty decent week, we've got a couple investigators that are progressing really well. I'm actually feel a lot better about the work I'm getting done with Elder Yugar than I did at the end of my time with Elder Huaman. We're actually getting lessons with member now at least, whereas with Elder Huaman it was hard to actually teach anything. The problem is still finding new investigators, but we're working hard. 

Speaking of Elder Huaman, I got a call from him this week. He called me from the airport, I guess he went home. I don't know why he went home exactly, but I felt bad for him. Even after how difficult the transfer was, he's still my hijo. I hope everything is well with him. 

Returning to the subject line... I felt really old this week. On Wednesday we were walking and my left knee felt like it kind of needed to pop or something, it was a little uncomfortable. But then on Thursday we went out in the morning and my knee just started FREAKING OUT. I don't really know to describe the pain exactly, just random sharp pains whenever I stepped kind of badly. It didn't feel to great. Needless to say I stayed in the apartment the whole day, cause I couldn't walk. 

On Friday it felt a little better, the sharp pains were less frequent but there was more of a constant very small pain/stiffness in my knee. We had zone meeting that morning, and then afterwards I decided to go see a doctor. The mission nurse is in my district, so it wasn't too hard to get permission for that. And then that morning Elder Castillo (one of my more recent comps, he came back to the zone this transfer) was eating something and one of his fillings fell out. So he had to go the dentist. So we got permission to do special intercambios and go do our medical stuff while our comps worked. It was nice to hang out with him again. 

I went to the traumatologist (is that how you spell it?) and it was kind of weird because as soon as I got there I couldn't feel any pain in my knee. So he obviously didn't find anything wrong with it. And then I left and it started to bother me again. Grrr.... 

But really I'm fine now. It's not impeding me from walking anymore. It bothers me a little bit, but I'm good besides that. No more soccer though. Darn it. 

So yeah... I felt old this week. But that's the only update I've got for now. Love you all!

Elder Bingham

Zone meeting selfie!

On my special intercambios with Elder Castillo we got to go by and visit the bishop's family in the ward we served in! 
I love the Montenegros. Unfortunately bishop wasn't there. But it was nice. 

MANSO! This word means something like "awesome" in Argentina whereas in other countries it means "humble." But I found this wall art and I was way happy!

I'm not sure how appropriate this is. But you have to be careful in Argentina, or you see things like this. I pass this freaking wall like twice a week. 

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