Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm so happy I'm gonna DIE!

Hi guys!

Guys! I had such a good week! It was incredible! I'm going to tell you about it!

Well, to start, it was a pretty good week with Elder Huaman. We didn't really have any problems this week, except that one day he told me that people aren't letting us in after knocking doors because I'm not smiling at all. Which wasn't true at all. But, we quickly got over that one. We talked about it and I the rest of the week after that was pretty golden. So, the week in that sense was pretty great.

On the downer side, we had to drop our investigators Maria and Hugo this week. That was sad. They just weren't really progressing at all, and we just had to tell them that there was only so much that we could do for them as missionaries. They would only really learn if they tried to read the scriptures, pray, and come to church, which they weren't doing. Maria took it okay, Hugo seemed really sad. It made me sad! Cause we were such good friends with them, and really from the point that they were at in their lives they had made a lot of progress since the missionaries started visiting them. But they still weren't doing any of the committments that we left them. So, that was a sad day. 

But really the reason that I'm so happy right now is because we've got this one investigator named Ricardo that is progressing A FUL! Or a lot! I'm pretty sure I've talked about him before. He's an old guy who talks a TON but he basically agrees with everything we teach him, has been reading the scriptures, praying, and this week he came to church! The funny thing is, he tried to come last week when we invited him. But he got to the street right before the church and turned instead of continuing forward and never found the church last week. We felt really bad, cause he's an old guy and he walked a really long ways by himself to get there. But good old Ricardo was so cheerful about it and committed to coming to church this week. And he came! And I'm even more happy because the members were AWESOME yesterday. They were right there with him the whole time talking to him, and I had to go play the piano so I couldn't sit by him, but 2 members just plopped themselves right next to him. And even better! We're having a priesthood activity this week and we're going to get together at the church and have asado. It was going to be wednesday, but Ricardo couldn't come on Wednesday. So they changed it to Thursday! Just for him! Ricardo really enjoyed church on Sunday. I honestly think that Ricardo is going to be my first baptism in the mission. He's got a baptismal date for May 7th, and if he comes these next two weeks he'll have enough church attendance to get baptized! I'M SO HAPPY I'M GOING TO DIE! It was probably my most favorite day at church in my entire life. 

So it was a good week. Pray for Ricardo. He's doing well so far. We're almost there. 

I love you all! Have a good week!

Elder Bingham

I got a card reader! Wahoo!

Training Day!
The trainers

Me and Elder Huaman

Playing ping pong at general conference

General conference! Gringo room selfie

Zone meeting selfie!
Me chilling in our room. I'm just sending all the photos I have basically even though they're dumb

Me and Elder Huaman

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