Saturday, September 12, 2015

Finishing up my business/busyness

Hey everyone! Exciting news this week from your end I guess! I've got a new cousin? Congrats Beccy and Austin! His name is so close to mine! I think he'll be way cool just for that. It's also cool that Mom is doing her own drug busts.... Way to go. I thought it was actually a little funny :) Good work. Also, I remember hearing about that zipline at Sundance! Except only that they were building it! How did it get done so fast? I'm totally down to do that when I get home, just don't make me do a deep house cleaning before. Please? And also you should get me one of your dirty dash animal shirts. And somehow get it to me here. Like a cow or something. We'll talk about how you can maybe send me one later. Hee hee. 

This week wasn't too bad actually. The part that honestly made it less stressful was that Elder Benedict wasn't here. And he knows it, haha. When he has things to do, we ALL have extra things to do. But he was in San Luis doing super tramites for a lot of missionaries. It sounded way fun actually. But I couldn't take vacation days off work... My job is too important. If missionaries don't have money, they aren't very happy with me. Anyway, he went and got a lot of people legal clear over in another province. I stayed here and finished up paying people's rent and figuring out how to send Elder Benedict gigantic amounts of money. It actually turned out to be pretty complicated! In total I had to send him about 109,000 pesos. I was going to send half with him in a check and half to this senior missionary that was going with him through an electronic transfer. The problem was, The electronic transfer ended up not working. So this senior missionary had to make a 2 1/2 hour drive from San Luis to Mendoza to pick up another check for Elder Benedict. Also I sent money to Elder Benedict's card but it turned out I accidentally maxed out his monthly card limit, so it never sent. It advised me of this 2 days late. Also the first check I tried to make to Elder Benedict never went through because I GUESS there's a limit on how much money I can take out on a single check. I was 5,000 pesos over that limit. So yeah, there were a lot of complications. But we got it all worked out and he got like 30 people in the mission legal. In 2 weeks we get to do it again. Even with all those complications, (and I SWEAR there's complications in everything we do in our jobs.. Nothing ever goes completely how we want it to here) we definitely saw the hand of the Lord in our work. Somethings went completely wrong at the worst moments, but somethings went incredibly right! At least on Elder Benedict's end, but that was all that mattered. And it all worked out in the end. 

Hmm... Anything else? Oh yeah! We finally got out to teach this week! For the first time this transfer, sadly. But we did it! We had a lesson with Ariel last night, our only investigator. But he's doing well! More or less. He's still got as many problems as always, as he tells us every time we're there, but he's making an effort to come to church and read the scriptures at least. And praying. He actually came last Sunday without us even sending him a text message or calling him or anything! It was way cool. But yeah. He's doing well. 

I'm glad to hear you guys are all well though! I'll talk to you next week! 
P.S. Just felt like adding my financiero signature to my personal email as well, cause it looks so official :) 

Elder Bingham
Secretario de Finanzas
Misión Argentina Mendoza

Elder Benedict has a slightly stressful job. 
Wine anybody? Just kidding... It's actually just grape juice. No alcohol involved.

Another elevator to President's house selfie? Yes.

Meet the Beast. Only one of the biggest burgers I've ever eaten.

Zone conference! Just realized this is my first pic I've sent home with President and Hermana Goates in it.

Me and Elder Benedict just have so much fun :)

A little taste of Argentina. Motorcycles are very common, because they're way cheaper than cars. And then people will carry their whole family on them, or just incredible amounts of luggage like this. Photo credit: Elder Romero

Sunday lunch/dinner at the Warner's house! These are some of my favorite people in the mssion. They are really like our parents here :)

Just some giant pizzas we bought. I accidentally bought 10 though. My bad... I'm just the guy here with all the money. It was for like all the new Elders a few weeks ago though, so we're good. 

FUNNY STORY! One morning Elder Benedict had to do tramites. (Apparently translates to procedures in English, but basically just means doing work to get people legal) And for this kind of tramites he needed two "witnesses" that were already legal in the country to be able to say that this person actually lived in Mendoza. Well he forgot to bring the other witness that morning, which was Elder Solomon, cause I'm not legal. But there was no one else in the pension, so I had to come to. But he gave us no notice when he came by, so we didn't have time to change. We just went in our pajamas and flipflops. It was fun. 
 I was catching up on sending pics cause I didn't send any last week. We're almost done now.
Just climbing up to the second floor of our pension from the outside cause our door is broken. No biggie. I just want to fix this door so we can open the door from the outside. 

Soccer ball bending?

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