Saturday, September 5, 2015

A LESS stressful week

 Hey family! Sounds like you had a good week. I actually did as well, at least. I'll tell you all about it later. So you all are doing the dirty dash? I've kind of realized something here in the mission, and it's that when I get home I think I really want to do something like that. Especially the Tough Mudder! That has sounded way fun to me here, and I'm not sure why. Cause before the mission I never would've wanted to, I think. But let's plan on doing something like that when I get back, K? Cause I literally get back in 1 year tomorrow. IS THAT CRAZY? Anyway, let's not talk about that. Moving on. I'm so glad to hear that Mom is reading Harry Potter again! I miss that. Also, our peach tree actually has peaches now? That makes me so happy! Cause I love peaches! And that sounds like a decent amount for its first fruit-bearing year.

Alright. Way sorry for taking forever to write this. I'm just now starting basically, I've been gone doing stuff like all day. We went down to Maipu again for our p-day because Elder Cahoon the AP had his birthday this week and the bishop down there wanted to do an asado and play soccer with us. He was there awhile back. And then right when we got back things got crazy, I immediately had to start running around to do work stuff. So... Yeah. I'm going to write a quick letter. 

Okay, to answer questions real fast? Starting with dad's. So, I DIDN'T actually send Elder Mortensen home. I guess I didn't explain that very well. He just ended his time in the offices, and he left to Chimbas. Same with Elder Lawrence. I'm now companions with Elder Benedict, and I will be for two transfers, until my 4th transfer here, when I get to train the new financiero. That's how it happens with every office elder. And then I leave! But basically here in the office we're all companions. Whoever's available to go help each other with work stuff goes. And there's now just 6 of us. The APs, me, Benedict, the historiador Elder Solomon, and Elder Romero the pensionista. Hope that clears things up. 

Mom: Specific fruits to Argentina? None. Grapes are obviously popular here in Mendoza and San Juan, cause we're like the wine capital of the world here. Most of the fruit here though is basically everything you can find in the states. Expect they're dirtier and there are less tropical fruits like pineapple, mangos, kiwi, and the only berries I've seen here are strawberries. Those aren't very common either. Oh, and nothing comes seedless either. So that's annoying. Especially the grapes. 

Okay. Things were less stressful this week. At least. Still stressful, but not so much. Mostly this week I've been working on paying everyone's rent and stuff, and getting ready this crazy adventure Elder Benedict's about to embark on. Lemme esplain. So, Elder Benedict's job is to get people legal in Argentina basically. But it's like way hard to do that. I just barely got legal actually, but I still don't have my ID or DNI se llama. It actually makes it kind of difficult to do my job. But most other missionaries get by fine, they just can't get home if they're illegal. And guess what? WE ARE LITERALLY THE MOST ILLEGAL MISSION IN THE WORLD. O sea, we have the highest percentage of illegal missionaries in the world. Other places in Argentina it's a lot easier to get legal, like Buenos Aires, cause that's where all the stuff gets sent from to be able to do it. But yeah. So, the church in Buenos Aires has been fighting hard to make this easier for us. And they've had some success! It's just a little complicated to explain. But they're now sending a little help to Elder Benedict. Next week he's embarking on an adventure to San Luis, the third province in the mission that I haven't been to yet. He's going with about 70 missionaries over there, because it's way easier to do his job over there. And he's going for about 2 weeks. And he'll get them all legal! So then we won't be the most illegal mission in the world. So, we've been getting ready for that this week. It's been fun. My job is to make sure that on Monday Elder Benedict goes to San Luis with 100,000 pesos. It's fun.

I think that's it. It's already late as it is, and I've gotta go. I'll try and send some pics tomorrow, está bien? 

Bueno. Chau!

Elder Bingham

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